Others realizations

Others realizations

Roller conveyor

Realization of a roller conveyor for delicate details, all made…

Swimming pool structure

Realization of a swimming pool structure to be completed with…

Flowers stand

Realization of an outdoor flowers stand.

Plaques stand

Realization plaques stand.

Massaging sunbed

Realization of a massaging sunbed in aisi 316.

Advertising displays

Realization  advertising displays and banner holders.

Realization brazier

Realization of a large circular brazier.

Realization pool nozzle

New pool nozzle no longer plastic but solid stainless steel.

Realization of bathroom furniture

Realization of a bathroom furniture.

Plastic structure test plant

Realization of plastic structure test plant.

Closing window well

Realization of a hopper light/window.

External railing for terrace on patio

Realization and installation of external railing for terrace on patio.

Realization of furniture table

Realization of a crystal table with a metal base.

Stylized house fence

Realization of a stylized house fence.

Decorated house gate

Realization of decorated house gate.

Laser processing house fence

Realization of a house fence with laser processing. Stainless steel…

Custom-made planters

Custom-made planters restore existing model.

Railings for doors and windows

Realization of artistic railings for doors and windows.

Railings and dividers terraces

Realization of railings and dividers terraces.